Welcome to Side Bar

Side Bar is an intelligent combination of ultra-lounge and nightclub, mingle and dance, class and sex appeal.

private-events side bar club in downtown san diego gaslamp
Sophisticated Lounge

A mismatched array of leather booths and velvet couches entice both the naughty and nice bottle service clients. A cluster of maroon birdcages dangle from the lofted ceiling, encouraging guests’ eyes to wander up, while a life-sized birdcage houses the DJ and doubles as a stage for the RMD Dancers to climb in and tease the dancing crowd below.

Get lured in with subtle distractions, such as the unique collection of erotic paintings and decor, while the custom-designed ambient lighting and unpredictable bottle parades keep you yearning for more. Side Bar offers an experience that is both stimulating and suggestive…it just depends on where you’re standing.

Side Barbies

Just like our parties, the Side Barbies are anything but predictable. Sexy, sultry, confident seductresses who don’t apologize for their bad behavior and continue to redefine the VIP experience. But they are more than just the prettiest faces in the land: they are intelligent, energetic, mysterious women who know how to make you feel at home while serving up the best nightlife experience you’ll receive in Downtown San Diego. Follow these champagne loving babes at @sidebarbies

IMG_8311 side bar club in downtown san diego gaslamp