We’ve all been there. You search Yelp for your restaurant/bar/nightclub/boutique; you click on the reviews to see what people are saying about it; then BOOM…Mr. Yelp Bully himself posts something snide, idiotic, and downright mean. After reading your reviews, you feel like you were just blasted on the cover of “Esquire Magazine” for having man-eating aliens walking through your venue.


We will not take it any more. We are joining together to take a stand against Yelp Bullies. Don’t get us wrong, we are more then willing to hear constructive criticism, and we want honest feedback. We WANT to hear your opinion so we can grow into a better business. But Yelp should not be used as a malicious “I-am-mad-at-the-world-because-my-mom-didn’t-hug-me-enough-so-I’m-gonna-take-it-out-on-you” personal diary. So…we decided to fight back. If you’re going to give us a crappy, unhelpful review, we’re going to respond…and you probably won’t like it. We’ve had enough. And we encourage others to do the same.

Stand with us…and say NO to Yelp Bullies!

Side Bar vs. Marco L.

January 10th, 2013

Marco L.
Tucson, AZ

The staff is rude. The worst part is that the dorky managers/bouncers/workers are HATERS!!!

If they see you having too much fun, they will kick you out!!
At least one person from my group will get kicked out  each time. Be careful of envious workers!!!




Side Bar

Dear Marco L.,
We appreciate your use of “dorky” and “haters” in the same sentence.  Cool haters seem to be so cliché, are we right?!?

As for having too much fun…well, here’s our defense to that allegation.  Several years ago, we invested in Fun-O-Meter goggles that we made all of our staff wear.  We thought it was a good idea in order to ensure that people were having just the right amount of fun…not too much, and not too little.  However, the goggles were awfully large and unattractive, and ended up breaking easily when they came in contact with champagne.  So now, we have no goggles and have to rely on our common sense.  When “too much fun” turns into falling on the ground or causing others to not have fun, we have limit it.  Sometimes “too much fun” makes you act like jerk…therefore, we sometimes have to turn into “dorky haters” to ensure the jerky-ness doesn’t spread to the guests who are having just the right amount of fun.  We also don’t want “too much fun” to cause any harm to you.  

And in response to our “envious workers”…you’re right! Our workers ARE in fact envious of your fun because if they work for us, they are under strict rules not to have ANY fun. Ever. In fact, we have one pair of goggles left that only managers wear to ensure no fun is being had by our staff.  We feel it’s better that way.

Please accept our dorky felt apologies in the utmost hater kind of way.

Side Bar vs. Bobby S.

January 10th, 2013

Bobby S.
Riverside, CA

This by far the is the worst club. The manager tried to charge my card twice because he thought I was drunk. The bouncer then wouldn’t let my African American friend in because they said his jeans  were too “baggy.” I was so disappointed, I ended up calling the police to get my ID. PLEASE everyone read this review, DO NO GO HERE. I have never been racially subjected and harassed at any club in SD except here. This was my first time and last time here.




Side Bar

First and foremost, we apologize for the experience you had (and also for waiting so long to respond).  We are positive you probably were not drinking and/or drunk at our club, therefore your recount of our tricky double-charging manager was spot on.  However, may we act as Devil’s Advocate and say that perhaps your charge didn’t go through the first time due to a technology or computer error? And may we ask…did you actually get double charged, or did we just “try” and you were too gosh darn smart to let us trick you?  Regardless, we are not usually in the business of credit card fraud.  So, if there is a dispute with your charge, please let us know and we will check our records, computers, and video cameras. 

Also, we’re sorry your friend was not able to get in.  Like many San Diego nightclubs, we have a dress code.  Mainly because we had a lot of problems in years past with people showing up in clown suits and animal costumes and it became a freaky problem that we had to stop. Consider this: just as you wouldn’t wear a swimsuit to church, we believe in a classier kind of dress for our club.  We can assure you, color of skin has nothing to do with who we allow to party with us. One love brother.

PS…sorry about your ID.  We only keep ID’s if they’re fake, or a card declines.  But that couldn’t have been the case, right?

Side Bar vs. Daniel S.

January 10th, 2013

Daniel S.
Portland, OR 

San Diego is full of people who think they’ve made it in life once they sell real estate and drive a white bmw.  This is where those people hang out on Friday and Saturday nights.



Side Bar

Dear Daniel S. We’re not psychology professionals by any means, but it appears you have a deep-seeded issue with successful, confident people. I can assure you, not all of our guests drive white BMW’s…some drive silver Mercedes, others drive black Jaguars, and we’re sure there’s a few red Mustangs in there too. All kidding aside, we hope you are successful and confident some day too and then are able to join our fun little family. Until, we promise not to pass any judgment on your blue bicycle …we all started somewhere. Best, Side Bar

Side Bar VS. Eric S.

November 29th, 2012
Eric S.San Diego, CA

The five of us arrive at 9:30 on a Wednesday (yes, seriously, Wednesday) night.  Three hot ladies, and two dudes, dressed nicely.

As I look at the line, I can tell that they’re charging a cover, which is just plain silly.  It’s not even ten fucking o’clock, on a WEDNESDAY NIGHT.

My wife asks the chick at the front, “Is there a cover?” She doesn’t even look at her, and says, “Ten dollars.”  What the best part is, she says this as SHE IS HANDING OUT FREE PASSES to some skanky looking broads in front of us.

When we get to the front, she asks the male bouncer if there’s a cover.  He says, “If it’s just you three ladies, I’ll get you in, no cover.”  She tells him there are two gentlemen as well, and sighs loudly.  ”Yeah okay, but they still have to pay cover.”

Okay, all bar/club/restaurant owners, please listen to me.  If I am Downtown, it’s because I am going to drop some cash.  Between the five of us, we’re spending a couple hundred bucks, easily.  Why would you charge me money to come in to your crowded ass, hot club?  DO YOU HATE MAKING MONEY?

This place is on Bar Dynamite status for me.  You’re basically charging me money, so I can come inside your establishment and spend more money.

We all went to Prohibition, where we had amazing drinks, and paid no cover.


Dear Eric S.

We apologize for appearing “shady”.  However, we do run a strict mafia circle in our kitchen, therefore we have to keep up our “shady” reputation or else the Mob will think us weak. 

Perhaps this was your first time at a nightclub.  Cover charge is, in fact, very common practice and helps us pay our employees who don’t regularly earn tips.  Everybody’s gotta earn a living, right?!?  We are actually very happy there was a line at 9:30pm on a Wednesday night, because that means our Industry Night is a success!  That’s right, call is crazy, but Wednesday Night is when we give love and appreciation back to all those people who work so hard at the bars and restaurants serving YOU!  So the “skanky looking broads” getting the passes in front of you were probably Industry friends who finally have a night off and want to have a little fun for themselves!  If you are also in the Industry, just bring in a business card or paystub and you could get one of those nifty little passes too!

To answer your question, No!  We don’t hate making money!  That’s why we opened a nightclub!  Kind of a silly question if you ask us =)

As far as your reference to Bar Dynamite, we don’t quite see the resemblance, but we’re open to hearing more examples! 

We hope you enjoyed Prohibition!  They have great drinks there…great for a chill Wednesday night!


Side Bar