Unlike your last relationship, we’re anything but boring! We want you to keep coming back, which is why you’ll never know what is coming next! Surprise host? Hot tubs? Girls on merry-go-round horses riding through the crowds with bottles ablaze? If you think it’s just another night out…think again!

The Curse of Side Bar

The Curse of Side Bar: Halloween Party

We pillage and plunder and know how to party. This Halloween beware of the pirates, because the tides are rolling in with the Curse of Side Bar! If you can’t handle the booty, get off our ship.

Date: Saturday, October 28th

Time: 9:00pm-2:00am

curse_sb_eflyer_b-1 side bar club in downtown san diego gaslamp
Industry-Night side bar club in downtown san diego gaslamp
Industry Nights

There is something unique and impenetrable about the bond our Industry has with each other. And although Industry nights in themselves aren’t rare, Side Bar’s Industry Night is anything but ordinary. It can usually be summed up in five simple words: “You had to be there…”

THURS side bar club in downtown san diego gaslamp
No Reservations

We’re taking you back to the OG days of your favorite stripped down club. Dance and drink to old school mash-ups with a side of funk. Come with us down memory lane and socialize the night away. No lasers. No deep v’s. No reservations.

SBar-Fridays side bar club in downtown san diego gaslamp

Side Bar’s most provocative night! Careful…S-Bar is not for the weak of heart.  Every Friday night we crank up the sexy and push past the risqué boundaries.  Just remember, you can look, but you can’t touch.

bitchin-saturdays side bar club in downtown san diego gaslamp

We love strong women who aren’t afraid to be bad and the men who don’t try to make them good.  That’s why we created “Bitchin’ Saturdays”: a night where you can let your baddest bitch out, filled with dancing, drinking, and bottle service surprises.