Welcome to Side Bar

We’re not breaking up with you…we’re only taking a short break to better ourselves!

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We Need To Freshen Up

Sometimes you feel fearless and wild, sometimes you feel sophisticated and chill.  Choose your party pleasure: a late night on the dance floor with unexpected champagne showers and sparkling chaos, or a classy rendezvous with your faves, complete with delicious bites and libations. When you arrive at Side Bar, your uniqueness will be matched by ours. Part floral and fanciful, part sassy and indulgent, our decor is as fierce as our attitude.

Side Barbies

Just like our parties, the Side Barbies are anything but predictable. Gorgeous, sultry, confident temptresses who don’t apologize for their sassy behavior and continue to redefine the VIP experience. But they are more than just the prettiest faces in the land: they are intelligent, energetic, mysterious women who know how to make you feel at home while serving up the best nightlife experience you’ll receive in Downtown San Diego. Follow these Champagne-loving babes at @sidebarbies

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